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"I had found a community of people that struggle like me and that understand me, their presence made me want to start and complete things so that I could share them.

My wins were wins to them, where they may not seem to be to other neurotypical people."

Mamta, Business Consultant, California

"I love being able to just prioritize life and health and family, because I'm feeling way more on top of work and all the other small deliverables that come up in day-to-day life, like beyond just work. Yeah, it's allowed me to really just enjoy myself a bit more."

Ali, Software Salesperson, Canada

"Another benefit of the course was the cohort and learning from other people's experiences and hearing other people's experiences of how they've struggled and failed. That has an emotional and motivational residue."

Malachi, Consultant, Georgia

"It was incredibly helpful to build consistency in the way that I do tasks and how I organize, and where I put them in my day. And how wins accumulate from one day to the next day and then to a week and a month in a year."

Apoorva, Architectural Designer, NJ

"Since I've started this program, I have not been behind, I'd say that I am in a better mood. And when I close out my day, I don't feel like I still have this thing hanging over me. So I feel like I can be more present also in my family."

Elizabeth, Senior Associate Director, New Jersey

"I was really making progress on my book. I'm almost to the end of the editing part by the end of our six week program. It felt so wonderful to be able to get to a place where I could see the end. I could see, yes, I'm doing this. I felt more confident that I have what it takes and I can make things happen. Like, this is really possible out of all of the hundreds or thousands of projects that have not seen the light of day."

Erin, Spiritual Teacher, British Columbia

"Aron makes it really fun and he's so good at just getting the information, integrating it, and then delivering it in bite sized chunks so they're doable. One thing I was surprised about was I learned how consistency a little bit each day actually adds up and it makes a difference and I'm loving it now."

Haumea, Coach, California

"You have these grand plans and f*****g good ideas that people need but somehow we just have a problem materializing it in its full form. If you want to do something that you can't make yourself do, get the program."

Ray, Film Industry, New York

"If you're concerned about the financial cost of the investment, then that's really a no-brainer. I've spent so much money on many different courses and programs. And I mean, the, the bang for the buck, the literal buck that you get with this program is incredible."

Dmitri, Tech Entrepreneur, California

"It was a true support group and it was really nice people. When you talk to somebody about these kinds of issues that doesn't have ADHD, and you say, do you have trouble with this? They look at you like you're nuts, but in the class with all these other ADHD folks, it was so relaxing. It was so nice. And you didn't feel like you had to beat yourself up all the time because you just thought differently."

Dave, Online Coach, Texas

"So you might think that me being a doctor and a therapist in training, I should know a lot about ADHD. And so why do I think I gained through PTA? I think it's Aron's coaching because he's laser sharp on one hand, but loving and kind at the same time, which makes it possible to look at hard stuff. It's the PTA concepts, because they're perfectly chosen for neurodivergent people. It's the creation of momentum within the success teams and it's the shame-free community. All of that together makes the program just truly transformational."

Christiane, Physician, Switzerland

"A couple of the things I appreciated the most was having that support structure of the teams and having somebody that you're accountable to on a daily basis. And the fact that Aron is just hands-on and in the channels all the time and helping people. That's what I haven't always gotten that in some of the other programs I've done."

Amanda, Instructor, Pennsylvania