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Finally, a Productivity Program for INATTENTIVE ADHD!

Achieve Consistent Productivity in 8 Weeks

This program is a life-changer!

- Sylvia, Pharmacist, Washington

INATTENTIVE ADHDers, tell me if this is you: 

You always feel behind...

You never have enough time.

You procrastinate badly on your goals...

You constantly criticize yourself...

No matter what you do, life feels RIGGED against you...

And after all the YEARS OF LIVING WITH THIS, you still have no idea why:

  • You always lose motivation
  • You don't know where to start
  • You constantly feel overwhelmed 

It just doesn't seem fair!


Until my Inattentive ADHD diagnosis:

  • I dropped out of college twice (before graduating)
  • I failed out of my first 7 jobs 
  • I was broke, divorced, and earning minimum wage at 33 years old

All I wanted was to feel normal...

To be able to:

  • Feel accomplished each week
  • Enjoy relaxation guilt-free
  • Stop hating myself  

Fortunately, after my diagnosis, I could finally keep a job!

But I HATED my jobs!

The work wasn't terrible... But I wasn't passionate about it either. 

So I decided I would quit and work for myself...

Yet I wasn't productive enough to run a business. :-(

My experience each week was like this:

  • I would put "business to-dos" on my list. 
  • And every week, I didn't do them.
  • No matter what I tried... I couldn't get myself to do them.

So I Googled.... 


Two hours of hyperfocus later...

I had a laundry list of tactics.

But I had one BIG problem... 


Then I had an EPIPHANY...

Yes, I had tried all the tactics... but not with these 3 TWEAKS...

  • ADHD-friendly customizations
  • New motivation hacks
  • Doing every tactic at exactly the same time (rather than one at a time)

This new system changed everything!

I used my M.S. in coaching psychology and 20 years of self-education in psychology to make productivity easy, pain-free, and automatic.

Hi, I'm Aron!

This system gave me freedom for the first time ever.

While working full-time:

  • Read over 75 books
  • Published 25+ articles
  • Filmed over 50 YouTube videos
  • Worked out 5 days a week
  • Grew Hidden ADHD to now 100,000+ followers


  • Feeling accomplished each week?
  • Enjoying relaxation guilt-free?
  • Silencing the self-criticism?

Sounds unbelievable, right?

That's what's available when you conquer procrastination and master productivity. 

I've walked this path and guided many others down it. 

I'll guide you every step of the way.

8-Week Productivity Transformation Academy

Group Coaching Calls

8 group coaching calls with Aron. Fridays at 1:00pm ET for 60 mins.

“Get Unstuck” Live Coaching

If you’re stuck, attend for on-demand coaching from Aron. Tuesdays at 4:30pm ET for 30 mins.

Weekly Training Content

My most powerful coaching content, delivered on-demand each week.

Success Teammates

A three to six people Accountability Team that will engage in friendly head-to-head competitions with other groups

Criticism-Free Space (to perfect your new producitivity skills)

You are surrounded by ADHDers who understand the struggle and are pushing through it with you.

Exclusive Events

Study halls, "let's connect" sharing circles, and video watch parties.


  • Start Date: July 11th  (8 weeks long, ending Friday, September 2nd)
  • Weekly Success Team Call: You select a team based on your availability. Multiple days and time slots available (from 8am ET to 9pm ET for various time zones). 


The essentials (great for busy folks!)

  • Weekly zoom with your 4-person Success Team (~30 minutes)
  • Share your "tough task" with your Success Team daily (~5 minutes daily)

The extras (not required, but available for your use as desired)

  • Attend Weekly Group Coaching Call with Aron (Every Friday at 1pm ET for 60 minutes — and recorded)  
  • Watch the weekly training video (~20 minutes, on your own time)
  • Complete the weekly assignment (~15 minutes, on your own time)
  • Get work done at one of the many Study Hall times we offer or attend a Video Re-Watch Party
  • If you're feeling stuck, attend the Get Unstuck Office Hours with Aron (Every Tuesday at 4:30pm ET for 30 minutes — and recorded)


Build Your Foundation for Transformation

  • Why most goal setting fails
  • Clarity on your goal for the next 8 weeks
  • 3 mindset shifts that will accelerate your progress
  • Meet your Success Team

Stop Working So Hard

  • The 8-hour workday is a myth
  • How to be productive with less than 8% of your day
  • 3 tactics to “stack the odds” of success in your favor

Make Tasks Much Easier

  • How your biology affects your productivity
  • Get guidance on what tasks to do when
  • Learn the secrets to using low-energy work time well
  • Why almost everyone abandons goals after a few weeks – and how to stop that

Get 13 Months Each Year

  • Increase productivity 10% with this easy change per a psychology professor
  • Why you’re mentally exhausted at the end of each day – and how to fix it
  • The best cheat sheet on removing distractions you’ve ever seen
  • You and your success teammates all commit to removing one distraction

How to Stop Quitting Your Goals

  • Why most of us give up, leaving projects half-started
  • The change process is predictable
  • How sleep impacts productivity more than previously believed
  • The easiest ways to improve sleep you’ve ever been given

The Secret to ADHD Success

  • The secret? Get addicted to the dopamine from achievement
  • Why you haven’t been able to do that yet
  • Turn down an “artificial dopamine light” in partnership with your success teammates

Feel Good and Focus on Your Wins

  • Why some people are miserable, even when they achieve success
  • How to start feeling good about yourself and your wins today
  • Why this feels great and fuels continued success

Plan Your Weeks Like a Boss

  • The reason we can’t stick to planning systems
  • The most-sustainable planning system in the world
  • How to cut through overwhelm and get the important things done each week

"Since I've started this program, I have not been behind, I'd say that I am in a better mood. And when I close out my day, I don't feel like I still have this thing hanging over me. So I feel like I can be more present also in my family."

Elizabeth, Senior Associate Director, New Jersey


60-minute Group Coaching call every week with Aron

Weekly 60-minute group coaching call with Aron to ensure you build this kick-a*s productivity habit. Every Friday @ 1 pm ET (10 am PT) and recorded.

Value: $3,000 included in the program

30-minute Get Unstuck Office Hours with Aron

Stuck and need extra coaching? You’ll love this optional “office hours”. If you’re stuck, attend for on-demand coaching from Aron. Every Tuesday @ 4:30 pm ET (and recorded)

Value: $1,500 included in the program

8 weeks of So-ADHD-Friendly-You’ll-Laugh training

Get Aron's unique system for 120 minutes over 20 years and $100,000+ of psychology learning. And each week's videos include transcripts, cheat sheets, and/or checklists, so you're set up to win!

Value: $2,500 included in the program

The Most Powerful ADHD Accountability System Ever

ADHD success is team sport. But it's hard to find other ADHDers who are pushing themselves to improve every day. That's what you get in this program — this missing ingredient to consistent productivity!

Value: $2,000 included in the program

Positive Community Influence

You are surrounded by ADHDers who understand the struggle and are pushing through it with you.

Value: Priceless included in the program

Total value:


"I love being able to just prioritize life and health and family, because I'm feeling way more on top of work and all the other small deliverables that come up in day-to-day life, like beyond just work. Yeah, it's allowed me to really just enjoy myself a bit more."

Ali, Software Salesperson, Canada

Plus these bonuses...!

Who-Knew-Body-Doubling-Works-So-Well Weekly Study Halls 

Multiple 60-minute study hall sessions each week so you can catch up on tasks.​

Value: $500 included in the program

Sharing Circles

A place to share all your experiences as a person with ADHD: triumphs, challenges and oddities welcome!

Free of judgment, shame, comparisons or advice.

Value: $500 included in the program

Powerful Goal Tracking

Track your goal, plans, and insights each week with Aron's powerful tools.

Value: $500 included in the program

Video Watch Parties

Ever mean to watch training videos but “don’t get around to it”? Video watch parties fix that!

Value: $500 included in the program

Alumni Continuation Program

Keep practicing with your Success Team in our affordable Alumni Community. ​You'll retain access to all the training materials and to events like study halls. Plus a monthly live event with Aron.

Value: $1,000

Take The Program Again - For Free

Get the full structure and support of the 8-week PTA program again at massively discounted or zero cost as a returning "Guide."

Value: $997 included in the program

Tap Into Aron's $25,000 Network

If you need a resource, Aron can poll his $25,000 worth of entrepreneurial groups.

Value: Priceless included in the program

Vision of Massively-Productive-You

An 8-Week image you’ll be dripping with excitement to achieve.

Value: Priceless included in the program

Total value

Over $10,000

Get started for $397 

(plus 2 monthly payments of $397)

(or Pay In Full for a discount)

🌟 PLUS Early Bird Bonuses!  🌟

Monthly Group Coaching until July

$750 value

Access to PTA early prototype course

$197 value







Why would you offer that? I know that joining a program can feel risky. Shouldn't I take on that risk instead of you?! 

Why doesn't anyone else offer that? You should ask them. If someone believes in their promised results, why wouldn't they...?

What are the minimum requirements for a refund? That you've done the bare minimum to actually see if the program is for you: watched the first two weeks' training and have tried posting your daily tough task five times to your team. That's it!

Get results like these

"I had found a community of people that struggle like me and that understand me, their presence made me want to start and complete things so that I could share them.

My wins were wins to them, where they may not seem to be to other neurotypical people."

Mamta, Business Consultant, California

"I love being able to just prioritize life and health and family, because I'm feeling way more on top of work and all the other small deliverables that come up in day-to-day life, like beyond just work. Yeah, it's allowed me to really just enjoy myself a bit more."

Ali, Software Salesperson, Canada

"Another benefit of the course was the cohort and learning from other people's experiences and hearing other people's experiences of how they've struggled and failed. That has an emotional and motivational residue."

Malachi, Consultant, Georgia

"It was incredibly helpful to build consistency in the way that I do tasks and how I organize, and where I put them in my day. And how wins accumulate from one day to the next day and then to a week and a month in a year."

Apoorva, Architectural Designer, NJ

"Since I've started this program, I have not been behind, I'd say that I am in a better mood. And when I close out my day, I don't feel like I still have this thing hanging over me. So I feel like I can be more present also in my family."

Elizabeth, Senior Associate Director, New Jersey

"I was really making progress on my book. I'm almost to the end of the editing part by the end of our six week program. It felt so wonderful to be able to get to a place where I could see the end. I could see, yes, I'm doing this. I felt more confident that I have what it takes and I can make things happen. Like, this is really possible out of all of the hundreds or thousands of projects that have not seen the light of day."

Erin, Spiritual Teacher, British Columbia

"Aron makes it really fun and he's so good at just getting the information, integrating it, and then delivering it in bite sized chunks so they're doable. One thing I was surprised about was I learned how consistency a little bit each day actually adds up and it makes a difference and I'm loving it now."

Haumea, Coach, California

"You have these grand plans and f*****g good ideas that people need but somehow we just have a problem materializing it in its full form. If you want to do something that you can't make yourself do, get the program."

Ray, Film Industry, New York

"If you're concerned about the financial cost of the investment, then that's really a no-brainer. I've spent so much money on many different courses and programs. And I mean, the, the bang for the buck, the literal buck that you get with this program is incredible."

Dmitri, Tech Entrepreneur, California

Start transforming your productivity for just $397 

(plus 2 monthly payments of $397)

(or Pay In Full for a discount)


I’ve invested in programs before and then haven’t used them, why would this be any different?

Firstly, this isn’t like any other program you’ve done before. This isn’t a bunch of videos and you’re on your own to do the work. This program is set up for ADHDers who all have that same issue.

1. You will be reporting your one tough action daily on the platform. 

2. A Success team. You will pick a team and you jointly help each other succeed.

3. Weekly study halls to catch up on any work

4. Weekly group workshops from me where you can raise your hand and get laser coaching

What if I don’t like the program?

I hate risk. I am one of the most risk-averse people I know. So buyer’s remorse terrifies me. That’s why I’ve added the guarantees I wish every creator was willing to stand behind. They put the risk on me rather than on you.

Get a FULL refund within the first 21 days of the program. I know you're taking a leap of faith by participating. So I want to take all the risk away from you and put it in on me.  Just watch the first two weeks' training and try posting your daily tough task five times to your team. If after doing this bare minimum attempt, you decide it's not for you, just email support at hiddenadd.com for a 100% refund, no questions!

How will I recoup my investment in the program?

Just think for a minute.

What if you were 5% more productive every year for the next 20 years?

Developing this habit is like popping a Limitless Pill and getting a return on productivity every year for the next 20, 30, or 40 years of your life.

What would I do in the program?

Here’s the premise: They way to make productivity pain-free, easy, and automatic is to make it a habit.

But habits are hard to build, especially the first few weeks.

In this program, you’ll take one small but meaningful action every day towards your top goal. That’s it! Everything else in the program is just there to hold your hand through the sometimes-scary journey.

What if I am stuck and can't take action?

I hear you. I am a chronic procrastinator who hates using willpower. I built this for myself because I wanted productivity without pain.

This program uses every psychological trick in the book to get you into action — so productivity can become pain-free, easy, and automatic. Here are just a few:

1. Success Teams: You’ll get supported by goal-driven ADHD teammates

2. Achievable Daily Goal: Commit to a 30-minute-or-less “tough” task on your big goal Daily

3. Obstacle-Busting Coaching: Live weekly zoom with Aron where you can request laser coaching

4. Catch-Up Study Halls: Provided weekly so you can get stuff done

If you want to see all 11 psychological hacks in my system, I’ll release a recorded video soon.

What's the time commitment? I'm really busy!

This might be the most important meta-habit you can build! Because you can apply it to every goal for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. So, I’d challenge you to drop a lower-value activity to make extra time.

But that aside… I built this program for busy people (because I’m busy too). :-)

For the super-busy folks, you can get great results with less than 1 hour / week:

- Weekly call with your Success Team ~30 minutes/week

- Report on your one “tough task” each day ~20 minutes total/week

The additional program features will enhance your experience, but they are not formally required:

- Weekly group coaching call with Aron 60 minutes (recording available)

- Weekly training ~20 minutes 

- Optional training assignment ~15 minutes

- Optional weekly “study halls” to catch up on work and other community events

Is this only for people in the USA?

We’ve had participants across the globe in past programs.

You might need to watch the recording if you can’t attend the live group coaching calls on Mondays and Fridays at 1pm ET. While some study halls and social hours will be in the evening US time, we’ll try to do a few around 1pm ET.

Other than that, you’ll meet with your Success Team at a time that works for you (we pair teams based on shared availability). The videos, homework, and daily reporting all happen on your own time.